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Mimi’s Gifts and Creations is a boutique home décor shop in the quiet town of Clarksville in Arkansas. Mimi’s specializes in shabby chic/farmhouse and rustic styles in decoration for any space whether if that is a home or office. Mimi’s carries Willow Tree family figurines as well as products from Kerusso.

Mimi’s shows team spirit by also providing Arkansas Razorback décor, cups, blankets, and other gift ideas for the sports lover on your shopping list. Mimi’s also carries items that are functional such as purses, coffee cups, salt and pepper shakers, designer measuring spoon sets, printed t-shirts, decorative hats, jewelry items, homemade candles, ceramic kitchen casserole dish sets, colanders, butter dishes, and dry goods containers.


Mimi’s Gifts and Creations offers seasonal and holiday boutique decorations as well. Door hangers are a particularly popular trend right now in the design world and Mimi’s is on that proverbial decorative bandwagon. Each season offers new styles whether if that is flower filled watering cans in the spring, mason jars for the summer, pumpkins in the fall, Razorbacks for football season, or snowmen in the winter. Mimi’s Gifts and Creations also carries matching door mats for the coordinated design style preference or mix and match for the more abstract taste in design.

Christmas is prime time at Mimi’s Gifts and Creations. Decorative pillows with Santa’s face are always a cute idea for the season. There is also a milk glass and cookie plate set with Santa on it to put out on that magical night for the little ones. Mimi’s has several Seasonal door hangers for the Christmas season as well. Mimi’s Gifts and Creations also offers Christmas tree decorations both in boutique styles as well as Razorback ornaments for the sports enthusiast. Santa figurines are also at Mimi’s and so are hot cocoa mugs with adorable snowmen. Mimi’s Gifts and Creations is the homemaker’s dream spot!